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Services Placing Humans at the core of your decisions


A logical extension of

B2B and B2C

B2H (business to human), the logical extension of B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer). The individual has always been our motivation, our « Why »: better service, better support, better growth, better performance, and better living applies to all the individuals that interact with businesses. B2H Conseils focuses even more on humans that are at the centre of our decisions, whether they are directors, managers, suppliers, partners, clients or prospects.
In addition to guaranteeing a personalized approach and service, B2H Conseils is committed to active listening, critical thinking, transparency and of course complete confidentiality.

Advice and

Use your time to work FOR your business and not IN your business;

B2H Conseils will support you in:

  • strategic planning,
  • orienting your business,
  • identifying your target customer,
  • improving your policies and procedures

with an innovative and modern outlook.

Focus on your operations, your competition and the challenges ahead, we will help you with the rest!

Drafting services
Operations Manual

Take a step back and revisit your activities. By assigning to B2H Conseils the mandate to review your policies, procedures and processes, you will be able to optimize your productivity. Implementing ingenious solutions will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations. This will allow you to put in place best practices that will preserve and grow your market share.


Your best practices are part of your assets.


Treat them as such. It may appear to be a waste of time to document everything, but this exercise should be considered as an investment, an insurance policy by yourself, for yourself.


An operations manual will simplify employee development, especially when including it in a training plan.

Help your employees better understand their role and responsibilities.

Benefits Focus on your priorities

Energizing your social media presence

You are uncertain where to start?

You do not see the relevance of investing in social media?

You are already present on social media and realize that it requires a lot of your time?

Social media is a meeting place where people gather and engage in a community. Unfortunately, many only see it as a platform to sell their products and services and forget that behind every keyboard is a human!

The B2H Conseils team can accompany you in drafting a solid plan to effectively manage the full range of social media accounts. By establishing a simple information watch process, you will be able to stay abreast of what your competition, your suppliers and your clients are doing, and the topics likely to interest them.

You will have a social presence with substance, structured and managed efficiently, able to reach people while respecting best practices.

Recognize your value Do you really know the value of your time according to your situation?
Learn how to easily calculate it and how to take decisions based on the cost of you time.

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